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The Brattleboro Rotary Club has partnered two years in a row with the Rotary Club of San Miguel de Allende-Midday in the State of Guanajuato, Mexico, to support Casita Linda.

Casita Linda Overview

Casita Linda (which means "pretty little house") is a Mexican non-profit organization founded in 2001. It builds adobe brick homes for families who are among the poorest of the poor in San Miguel de Allende and the surrounding areas in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico.

Casita Linda now builds adobe brick homes in two sizes, approximately 385 and 500 square feet, at costs of approximately $7,000 to $8,000 which includes labor and materials. With two sleeping lofts and flexible main floor space, these homes provide for families of up to 11 people. As of December 2009, the 29th Casita Linda home is under construction.

Rotary Club of San Miguel de Allende-Midday

The San Miguel de Allende-Midday Rotary Club has stepped forward to provide assistance to Casita Linda.

Brattleboro Rotary Club's Role

What does our club propose to do for and with Casita Linda?

(01) We raise funds to help build a home for a socio-economically disadvantaged family living in rural Mexico.

(02) Interested Rotarians from our club and from neighboring clubs visit San Miguel to put finishing touches on the home. San Miguel (which recently received a UNESCO designation as a World Heritage Site) and the surrounding area is a beautiful and fascinating part of Mexico, with a rich history.

(03) As a fundraiser for Casita Linda, the Brattleboro Rotary Club has presented two annual Mexican Film and Food Festivals.

More Information

Additional information can be found on this website on this news page and on this events page.

Download a PDF of our 2011 Mexican Film and Food Festival program book by clicking here.

See information about our 2010 Mexican Film and Food Festival by clicking here. See details about our 2009 Indian Film and Food Festival by clicking here.

You can also contact Rotarian Jeremy Coleman via email or phone 802-384-0103. Thank you!