The Brattleboro Rotary Club held its annual "Crackers & Milk" fundraiser in which members donated $560 to this year's "Feed the Thousands" Campaign.
According to Rotary Club president Norm Kuebler, each week the Brattleboro Rotary holds its luncheon meeting at Red Roof Inn. "Once a year, members donate their luncheon fee to the Feed the Thousands" Campaign" Kuebler said, "Red Roof Inn donates graham crackers and milk as a visible way to remind us of the less advantaged folks living in the Brattleboro area." Kuebler also acted as a auctioneer of six lunches supplied by Vermont Country Deli and Riverview Café and was able to cajole an additional $60 from club members that went to the campaign. PHOTO (L-R): Brattleboro President Norm Kuebler presented a $560 check "Feed the Thousands" Campaign Co-chair, Larry Smith, WTSA News Director Tim Johnson, and Brattleboro Area Drop In Center Board member Karen Cedergren.