President Carl Lynde welcomed all to the March 4, 2021 meeting of the Brattleboro Rotary Club held via ZOOM. <ED NOTE: 27 members + 4 guests = 31 attended.> President Carl offered the following motivational thought from Paul Harris:
This is a changing world; we must be prepared to change with it. The story of Rotary will have to be written again and again.
ED NOTE: Weekly assignments for the invocation or motivational thought can be found on the club website. The following would be the next people on the list: Carl Lynde (3/18), Frank Rucker (3/25)>
This was followed by the pledge of allegiance.  
Guests: Chris Mays, Andy Skarzynski, Maggie Lewis, and Russell Bradbury Carlin (speaker)


When did the US adopt Daylight Saving Time?
(Answer below)
For the joke of the week, Sophia Howlett acknowledged International Woman’s Day with some famous quotes:
  • Ann Richards: “After all, Ginger Rogers that everything that Fred Astaire did. She just did it backward and in high heels.”
  • Jane Austen: “One cannot be always be laughing at a man without now and then stumbling on something witty.”
  • Virginia Woolf: “Women have served all these centuries as looking-glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size.”
At our March 18th meeting, Marcy Jones will tell a joke or lead us in song and Ted Kramer will offer a Rotary Minute.  2020-21 weekly assignments are posted on the club website.
There was no Rotary Minute this week. ;-(
At our March 18th meeting, Marcy Jones will tell a joke or lead us in song and Ted Kramer will offer a Rotary Minute.  2020-21 weekly assignments are posted on the club website.
  • 03/18 - Yvonne “Tiny” DeCory, founder, BEAR Project, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
  • 03/25 – Casey Haynes, Welcome Wagon
NOTE: 2020-21 weekly assignments, are posted on the club website.


  • Please bring your bottles and cans to Putney Road redemption center to benefit Pure Water for the World. Please remember to inform the staff that the bottles and cans should be credited to the club.
  • “Like” the club’s Facebook page.
This is the 34th newsletter of the 2020-2021 club year. 
The editor would like to take this opportunity to thank the 5 people who have bragged so far. A quick check of readership reveals that over 50% of the club is reading this newsletter. Don't be shy to brag, readers.


NONE ;-(


  1. The Gateway Foundation board will be following today’s club’s regular meeting. <ED NOTE: The Gateway Foundation Board voted to provide $19,000 for 2021 scholarships.>
  2. There are available seats on the Gateway Foundation board.  If interested, contact Foundation president Marty Cohn.
  3. 19 members of the Rotary Clubs of Brattleboro will be sending Easter cards to residents of area nursing homes.
  4. This is the first posting for the membership of Maggie Lewis.
  5. REMINDER that this Sunday is Daylight Saving Time. Set your clock ahead one hour so that you won't be early for the next Rotary Club meeting. 
<ED NOTE: Yes, we are keeping track of these happy dollars and brags.
Unless noted, happy dollars and brags are $1>
  1. Roger Miller  – for Bill Vermouth solving both his computer and a marital issue.
  2. George Anthes – for the Brattleboro Hockey Association playing games this season.
  3. Rob Szpila  – for his wife, a teacher, being vaccinated
  4. Rob Szpila  – for the Girls Hockey Team having a season despite COVID.
  5. Andy Skarzynski  - for 200 teachers getting vaccinated at a pop-up event.
  6. Cathy Coonan ($20) – for Russell Bradbury Carlin’s leadership at Youth Services
  7. Ana Saavedra ($20) – for Russell Bradbury Carlin’s guidance at Youth Services.
  8. Carla Lineback  – for her 7-year old daughter winning a photo contest at Winter Carnival in the under 17 category.
Cheri Ann Brodhurst presented Youth Services Executive Director  Russell Bradbury-Carlin who told us about the organization. To learn more, click here.
<ED NOTE: You can watch past presentations on the BCTV show, “Brattleboro Rotary Club Speaker Series.”
Rotary Cares - TV Show 
Rotary Cares, Episode 33 –Membership
In episode 33 of the award-winning, monthly show, Rotary Cares, Brattleboro Rotary Club past president Marty Cohn talks about Rotary membership with guests Monique Ruth, past president of the Queen City Rotary Club and Seneca Eldredge, president, of the Hooksett Area Rotary Club. The show is produced by Brattleboro Community Television.
To watch the show, click here.
To listen to the podcast, click here.


Past President Martin Cohn who attempts to give a gist of the meeting respectfully submitted this bulletin.  However, it is always better to attend.  If you have any complaints about the contents of this bulletin...


"An Act to preserve daylight and provide standard time for the United States" was enacted on March 19, 1918.
To learn more, click here.
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