President Carla Lineback welcomed all to the March 5th meeting of the Brattleboro Rotary Club held at the American Legion. Dave Trombly offered the following meaningful invocation:
We pray for the health and safety of the tornado victims and survivors in Nashville as well as the people and families that have affected the coronavirus victims all over the world. Let people come together and realize our similarities rather­­­­­­ than our differences. We are thankful to be living in our country that affords its citizens the precious gift of liberty and the right to vote so that we can enjoy the privilege of choosing our leaders. May we never take this privilege for granted and always be reminded that we must be diligent in protecting our sacred heritage. Let us embrace the vision to build bridges of understanding among peoples all over the world. If someone does something nice for you and asks you how they can repay you, tell them to pay it forward. Finally, we hope that a vaccine is found soon and that there will be a quick end to this coronavirus outbreak. Amen.
This was followed by the pledge of allegiance. 
GUESTS: Nick Theberge (speaker)
As a luncheon of baked chicken legs, pork loin, chickpea medley, corn, rice, salad, rolls and brownies with chocolate chips for dessert was being digested, the meeting continued.
<ED NOTE: While the meeting was being conducted, there was a bomb threat at a nearby building. Fortunately, nothing was found. To read a news report, click here.>


The Brattleboro Rotary Club was chartered in 1950. Which film won the Academy Award for Best Picture that year?

 (Answer below.)
There was no joke this week.
<ED NOTE: For newsletter readers: A patient sits in the dental chair with severely fractured front teeth. After discussing with the orthodontist how they will be restored and what the fee would be the patient says, ‘Before you start, I gotta know: Will I be able to play the clarinet when you are finished?’ The dentist replies ‘Sure you will!’ The patient replies ‘Great, I couldn’t play a note before!’>
At our March 12th meeting, Carl Lynde will tell a joke or lead us in song and Bill McKim will offer a Rotary Minute. 2019-20 weekly assignments are posted on the club website.
For today’s Rotary Minute, Roger Miller reminded us about the history of the club’s “Sugar on Snow” project during Winter Carnival.  For more info on Rotary mottoes, click here.
At our March 12th meeting, Carl Lynde will tell a joke or lead us in song and Bill McKim will offer a Rotary Minute. 2019-20 weekly assignments are posted on the club website.
  • 03/12 – Club Assembly
  • 03/19 – Carla Grant, Supreme Fitness
  • 03/26 – Annamarie Pluhar, Shared Housing
  • 04/02 – Carl Lynde, TBA
  • 04/09 – John Mabie, TBA
  • 04/16 – Club Assembly
NOTE: 2019-20 weekly assignments are posted on the club website.


  • Bottles and cans can be brought to Putney Road redemption center to benefit Pure Water for the World. Please remember to inform the staff that the bottles and cans should be credited to the club.
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This is the 34th newsletter of the new club year. 
If you like this newsletter, please brag at next Club meeting. 
So far, there has been only 6 brags! 
Does this mean you are not reading this newsletter????


  1. The Gateway Foundation board will meet today following the regular club meeting. <ED NOTE: the board voted to provide $2500 for this year’s Jesse Corum Scholarship and $15,000 for regular scholarships.>
  2. Student Rotarians from Hinsdale and Leland & Gray gave their monthly reports.
  3. The 3/11 meal for the Seasonal Overflow Shelter will be organized by Gina Pattison and Steve Gordon.
  4. Two more volunteers are needed for the next Foodbank Sort-A-Thon on March 14. For more info, contact Stan Nowakowski.
  5. Personal care items for the homeless are being collected in the offices of Ana Saavedra and Phil George.
  6. There will be no club meeting on April 30. Instead plan to attend a club mixer at Saxtons River Distillery.


John Mabie was fined for not being prepared to tell a joke or sing a song. He bragged that, given his singing ability, it was for the better.


BRAGS / Happy dollars

Tami Purcell– for the stellar year at Berkley & Veller Greenwood Country Realtors.
Dave Twombly – for his son-in-law, Chris Stoner, being made a partner in his company.
Marty Cohn – for Roger Miller’s 58 years of service and Milt Gilmore chairing “Sugar on Snow” for 44 years.
George Weir – for his daughter surviving a car accident and a tornado.
Rick Manson – for Roger Miller taking his place with a Rotary Minute especially since he forgot it was his turn.
Teddy Kramer – for the birth of his daughter three weeks ago and all the well wishes they received from fellow Rotarians and co-workers.
Regina Stefanelli – for Living Memorial Park.
<ED NOTE: Time ran out before Marty Cohn could brag for his granddaughter, Talia, getting to vote in her first primary.
Marcy Jones presented Drs. Jerry Theberge and Nicholas Theberge who discussed dental implants.
For more info, click here.
<ED NOTE: in last week’s bulletin there was a bad link to learn more about The Basics Vermont. To learn more, click here.>
Rotary Cares - TV Show 
Rotary Cares, Episode 25 – Rotary Takes a Bite Out of Hunger
In episode 25 of the award-winning, monthly show, Rotary Cares, Brattleboro Rotary Club past president Marty Cohn discusses two Rotary community nutrition projects with Gayle Ottmann, Community Service Chair of the Rotary Club of White River and Lorelei Morrissette, Resident Wellness & Services Manager for the Brattleboro Housing Partnership. Directed by Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary Club past president Kevin Yager in the studio of Brattleboro Community Television.
To watch the show, click here.
To listen to the podcast, click here.


Past President Martin Cohn who attempts to give a gist of the meeting respectfully submitted this bulletin.  However, it is always better to attend.  If you have any complaints about the contents of this bulletin...


All the King’s Men won Best Motion Picture at the 1950 Oscars. 
<ED NOTE: Broderick Crawford won Best Actor and Mercedes McCambridge won Best Supporting Actress for their roles in All the King's Men.>
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