President Gina Pattison opened the meeting at our new lunch meeting site; Heart Rose Club in the Shriner’s building, Gina welcomed all to the September 14, 2023 meeting of the Brattleboro Rotary
Invocation - Cheri Ann gave the invocation and offered a prayer that honored World Prayer Day
Gina led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance .
25 Members and three guests attended the meeting.
Years of Service in our Club for September:
Stay tuned.
On Behalf of our Club and all Rotarians, thank you for your Service Above Self
Birthday greetings -

Ruben said that Frank Rucker had a birthday, and everyone sang Happy Birthday

Special messages
President Pattison said that she would be sending a questionnaire out to members on if they want to continue Christmas tree sales, as she indicated there are other options for fundraising, and a decision needs to be made soon.
Meeting location - New Location  – The Heart Rose Club – 11 Green Street in Brattleboro
President Pattison announced that the Club had received a Thank You from the Putney Central School for the donation for their Summer Camp.
The Club has purchased a projector so that presentations can be made at meetings
      Events coming up:
      Stan provided a print out of all upcoming projects. It includes:
      • Disc Golf Tournament 9/30 and 10/1
      • Almost Oktoberfest 9/31 (check date)
      • Groundworks 10/11
      • Groundworks 11/8
      • Groundworks 12/6
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For our joke or song of the week: Betsy gave a joke about a politician going to a native American Reservation for votes.  He said that he would bring jobs, and the response was Hoya; he said that he would support casinos on the reservation, and the response was Hoya.  One of the Native American’s invited the politician to go to see his farm and herd of cattle and said to the person, watch out when you walk for the Hoya’s!
ED NOTE: 2022-23 weekly assignments are posted on the club website.
For the Rotary Minute 

Jerry asked several questions on the history of Rotary, such as what is the biggest city that has a Rotary in the U.S., Chicago; How many Rotary Clubs in the World, 27,000; and why name Rotary, as the early clubs rotated their meetings among members.

Note for future presenters; The Rotary Minute could also have the speaker talk about their personal involvement in Rotary or personal background.
Jim Haine announced:

• Sept 21 The Housing Partnership and SASH
• Sept 28 Tara Cheney Heart Rose Club
• Nov 11 Steven Fox from BMH

NOTE: 2022-23 weekly assignments, are posted on the club website.


  • Please bring your bottles and cans to the Putney Road redemption center to benefit Pure Water for the World. Please remember to inform the staff that the bottles and cans should be credited to the club.
  • “Like” the club’s Facebook page

FINES & Happy Dollars

FINES – everyone behaving today.
Happy Dollars:
George W, a $5 for the work on Stan
Mara W, a $1 for her 50th High School Reunion next week and for the wedding of Albert Oakes
Ruben, a $1 for George’s performance
Cindy, $1 for her 30th Anniversary
Frank, $1 for the opening of Public Schools
Guest Speaker:


George Anthes introduced Rosa Marinno of Inshuti of Rwanda who gave a very inspiring presentation on the not for profit she founded to provide housing for Rwandan families in need of shelter.  With the force of passion and commitment, Rosa and the organization she founded has provided shelter to over 110 families in Rwanda.  It however more than shelter as the program supports families as well with beds, mattresses bedding, mosquito nets, cookware, school supplies and uniforms.  Each dwelling cost just $3,000 to build and provides improved living conditions for Rwandans living in dire conditions.  Rosa indicated that her program is one of very few that addresses improved living conditions for Rwandans needed basic housing.
Those interested in the program and in giving to INSHUTI OF RWANDA can go to
Scribe of the Day: Roger
Scribe of the Day: Regina Stefanelli


Weekly changing scribes and questionable IT may have resulted in oversights and errors. We regret any mistakes.
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