President Roger Allbee welcomed all to the March 16 2023 meeting of the Brattleboro Rotary Club usually held at the Brattleboro American Legion.
Call to Order by President Roger and the Pledge of Allegiance was given.
Invocation:  An Irish blessing of good health and good fortune from President Roger.
Twenty-seven Rotary members attended, 0 Student Rotarians and 5 guests.
Guests:  Liz Harrison introduced her husband Ian. Rob Szpila introduced our speakers, Sohaila ,NaJa, Mustafa, and Nebras.
Birthday greetings - Birthday celebrations fell apart without Rueben to lead. Missed birthdays will be granted not only the Birthday song in coming weeks but singing will be a special performance with all Rotarians singing in key.
Special messages
Next Groundworks meals –
Wednesday, April 12th
Saturday, May 13th
Friday, June 9th
Wednesday, July 12th
Wednesday, August 16th
Greg Worden reminded us to be aware of natural disasters in Malawi and give some thought to how we might help.
Tom French, through President Roger, letting us know his recovery is progressing and his granddaughter Olivia  is the captain of her rugby team and a member of a World Dream Team !
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For our joke of the week: 
George Weir, a proud Irishman, told us a joke about Pat and Mike enjoying a few pints while the local clergy found their way to the house of ill repute across the street !
ED NOTE: 2022-23 weekly assignments are posted on the club website.
For the Rotary Minute,  Cheri Ann Brodhurst commented on all of the noble goals, aspirations, and accomplishments of Rotary:  To develop international relationships, promote world peace, educate the illiterate, and provide clean water to the world.
Rotary anniversaries : Ana 15 years, Cathy Coonan 31 years, Bill McKim 35 years and Dart 42 years!
Michael Pieciak, State Treasurer next week and Jon Potter from The Latchis the week thereafter. 
NOTE: 2022-23 weekly assignments, are posted on the club website.


  • Please bring your bottles and cans to the Putney Road redemption center to benefit Pure Water for the World. Please remember to inform the staff that the bottles and cans should be credited to the club.
  • “Like” the club’s Facebook page

FINES & Happy Dollars

  • Cheri Ann bragging for herself and her devotion to service above self and rising to the occasion for our Groundworks dinner despite Mother Nature’s best efforts to deter her!
    Liz Harrison for Roger’s bride, Betsey Gentile, and others for cooking delicious meals while Ian was getting well.
    Milt Gilmore for appreciating quiet and solitude and good old fashioned book reading with his bride while the power was down.
    George Anthes for his daughter and the New England Youth Theater production of Cabaret the next two weekends.
Guest Speaker:
Sohaila, NaJa,Mustafa and Nebras put on a delightful program on their efforts to open an Afghan restaurant in town.  Oh the trials and tribulations !  Looking at sites at Exit One, Friendly’s, Chelsea Royale, places near TJ Buckleys and the Indian Market.
Where there is a will there is a way.
No location yet but progress being made at the Winter’s Farmer’s Market in the meantime.
Settling on a name that means “home” in Afghan pressing on with finding a location most definitely preferably in Vermont and Brattleboro, which has been so welcoming to the refugees.
We wish them all the best and are rooting for their success !
Scribe of the Day: Ted Kramer, NYA


Weekly changing scribes and questionable IT may have resulted in oversights and errors. We regret any mistakes.
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