President Gina Pattison welcomed all to the July 13 2023 meeting of the Brattleboro Rotary Club held at the Retreat Farm complex.
Call to Order by President Gina was given.
Invocation - Mara A. Williams
Baha'i Prayer for Peace

Be generous in prosperity, and thankful in adversity.
Be fair in thy judgment, and guarded in thy speech.
Be a lamp unto those who walk in darkness, and a home to the stranger.
Be eyes to the blind, and a guiding light unto the feet of the erring.
Be a breath of life to the body of humankind, a dew to the soil of the human heart, and a fruit upon the tree of humility.
- Baha'u'llah
President Gina Patterson led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance with Cathy C providing the digital flag.
28 Rotary members attended, one  Student Rotarian
Guests:  Connor, two year student Rotarian and Gateway scholarship recipient. Connor thanked the members for their support during his two years as a Student Rotarian and the Scholarship that was awarded to him.
Years of Service in our Club for July:
On Behalf of our Club and all Rotarians, thank you for your Service Above Self
Birthday greetings -
Special messages
Welcome Center July 22 – need food and volunteers
Groundworks Meal - Wednesday, August 16th
    • Betsy about the food, please confirm your attendance
      Greg on the Welcome Center July 22 – need food and volunteers
      Gina  - District Golf Tourney August 18 at Brettwood in Keene
      Events coming up:
      Car show
    • Welcome center
    • Almost Oktoberfest, Sept 30
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For our joke of the week: 
Rick Manson delivered a joke “My (soon to be) Ex-Wife
ED NOTE: 2022-23 weekly assignments are posted on the club website.
For the Rotary Minute 
Rotary Minute by John Meyer – Spoke about Rotary involvement at Living Memorial Park. Projects included were:
-    The Ski Lift
-    The Kiwanis Shelter
-    Train for kids
-    Sugar on Snow
-    Disc Golf
-    Repairs and Painting as needed.

Gina added that if during the Rotary Minute people could speak about their personal involvement in Rotary.
  •     Jim Haine announced:
  • Hiking Trails, Wild Carrot Farm, IM Project
NOTE: 2022-23 weekly assignments, are posted on the club website.


  • Please bring your bottles and cans to the Putney Road redemption center to benefit Pure Water for the World. Please remember to inform the staff that the bottles and cans should be credited to the club.
  • “Like” the club’s Facebook page

FINES & Happy Dollars

FINES – everyone behaving today.
Happy Dollars:
Cathy Coonan – Youth Services Golf Tourney July 26
Mark Anderson – for all the Rescue Service support in Windham County
Betsy  - for the Retreat Farm that lets us use their space
Stan – for the Rotarians working at the Gathering Place this morning: Cheri Ann, Carl Lynde, George Weir, Roger Allbee, Rick Manson, Stan, and Jenifer Ambler. Also, potential new Rotarian Andy Patari.
Also, Rotarians that provided food at the Groundworks Meal: Betsy, Cheri Ann, Roger, Liz, Cyndy, and Maura. The next Groundworks Meals is on August 16th.
George Weir – for his wife who is playing in the Seniors Tennis Championship, his daughter who was recently hired at Suzanne Rae to develop her own line of clothing, and his son who started a new job in management at Sonos Audio.
Bill McKim (from 7/6 meeting) – to the following Rotarians for having an impact on him over the last 35-years as Rotarian – current: Bill Vermouth, Stan Nowkowski, Jim Haine, Cathy Coonan, Betsy Gentile, Mara Williams, Cheri Ann Brodhurst, the 35 Rotary Presidents, former Rotarians: Art Greenbaum, Gary Goodemote, Martin Cohn, Norm Keebler, Jesse Corum, and Bruce Campbell.
Guest Speaker:
Betsy introduced Guest Speaker Richard Berkfield from Food Connects
Richard is the co-founder and Executive Director of Food Connects. He has been leading food system development work in Windham County area since 2008. He is a member of the Vermont Farm to Plate Steering Committee as well as the Vermont Farm to School Steering Committee. Richard holds a M.A. from SIT Graduate Institute in Sustainable Development with a focus on Food Security for Vermont, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Marlboro College Graduate School. Berkfield was named one of Vermont’s Rising Stars by Vermont Business Magazine in 2014. Even with his heavy work demands, he and his family enjoy growing and preparing as much of their own food as possible.
Ron Stahley bragged for Richard’s leadership and work to support the schools and community. His work as a social enterprise with local support for area farms and families.    
Scribe of the Day: Ron S


Weekly changing scribes and questionable IT may have resulted in oversights and errors. We regret any mistakes.
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