President Gina Pattison opened the meeting at our new lunch meeting site; Heart Rose Club in the Shriner’s building, Gina welcomed all to the August 31, 2023 meeting of the Brattleboro Rotary
Invocation - President Gina read a beautiful invocation sent by Mark Anderson
Dear friends and fellow Rotarians,
Just as the Summer sun radiates its energy, let us also radiate the positive energy of compassion, kindness, and service. As Rotarians, we are bound by our shared commitment to making a difference, and in this August, let us renew our dedication to uplifting the lives of those in need.
August, a bridge between seasons, prompts us to bridge the gaps in understanding and friendship. Let us reach out across divides, extend our hands to others, and build connections that foster unity. Just as the warm August days bring people together, may we come together in the spirit of fellowship to create a stronger, more inclusive community.
Gina led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance .
18 members and 6 guests attended
• Matt Paakkonen, a prospective new member a guest of Greg
• Nina Wilson, a guest of Carla
• Josh Traeger, Sunrise Club, a guest of Rob
• Nick DuBois, Sunrise Club, a guest of Rob
• Lauri DuBois, a guest of Ana
• Adrian Lozeano, a guest of Ana
Years of Service in our Club for August:

8/12/2022 – George Karabakakis – 1 year

8/12/2022 – Frank LaGrande – 1 year 

On Behalf of our Club and all Rotarians, thank you for your Service Above Self
Birthday greetings -

None today

Special messages
Frank R. let us know Sandglass Theater is looking for volunteer ushers for Puppets in Paradise next weekend at the Retreat Farm
Meeting location - New Location  – The Heart Rose Club – 11 Green Street in Brattleboro
    • The Retreat Farm is still looking for 4 volunteers to help with a painting project on 9/8/23 from 3-5pm; if we can identify at least 4 volunteers, then we will be able to receive 100% of the Brattleboro on Wheels event proceeds, whereas last year we received 50%. Reach out to Betsy or Stan if you’re willing and able to help!
      President Gina reported for Rotarians for Rotarians. She recently spoke with Linda Bedard, Bill's movement is getting worse but he welcomes visitors.
      Events coming up:
      Stan provided a print out of all upcoming projects. It includes:
      • Retreat Farm painting project 9/8
      • Main Street garden clean up 9/9
      • Groundworks 9/13
      • Brattleboro on Wheels 9/16
      • Disc Golf Tournament 9/30 and 10/1
      • Almost Oktoberfest 9/31 (check date)
      • Groundworks 10/11
      • Groundworks 11/8
      • Groundworks 12/6
ED NOTE: Weekly assignments for the invocation or motivational thought can be found on the club website.>


For our joke or song of the week: Ron Staley told the old Pinwheel Smith joke.
ED NOTE: 2022-23 weekly assignments are posted on the club website.
For the Rotary Minute 

Milt (Eaton) "re"introduced himself as a Rotarian, originally at the Kobe Club in 1969. And let us know he has a new lady-friend, for which he bragged $5.

Stan gave us a brief bio as well.

Note for future presenters; The Rotary Minute could also have the speaker talk about their personal involvement in Rotary or personal background.
Jim Haine announced:
  • • Sept 7 TBA Carl Lynde
    • Sept 14 Rosa Marinno on Rwanda
    • Sept 21 TBA Chris Hart
    • Sept 28 Tara Cheney Heart Rose Club
    • Nov 11 Steven Fox from BMH

NOTE: 2022-23 weekly assignments, are posted on the club website.


  • Please bring your bottles and cans to the Putney Road redemption center to benefit Pure Water for the World. Please remember to inform the staff that the bottles and cans should be credited to the club.
  • “Like” the club’s Facebook page

FINES & Happy Dollars

FINES – everyone behaving today.
Happy Dollars:
• Sunrise Rotarian  $5 for Disc Golf  Tournament and all of us signing up on-line.
• Rick for daughter Kara's new baby!
• Cheri Ann for son Jon Erik starting Optometry School.
• Cheri Ann for George making her VERY happy.
• George A for oldest son performing in Conference of the Birds with Sandglass.
• George A for younger son performing in the Circus.
• Jennifer for wonderful arts events over the Labor Day weekend including Friday Gallery Walk event at Congegational Church; the Guilford Fair; the FOMAG Organ Barn concert.
• Marcy for the epitaph "I tried my best/He did not" on a gravestone in Hartwick, Vermont
Called to order by Secy George A.
Accepted the minutes of 2022 Annual Meeting.
Treasurer's report by Bill V.
George gave the President's report.
Motion to elect a new member.
Guest Speaker:

Speaker: Ana

"Ana and Mike's 'Restless' Adventure"
A rollicking tale of life on the high seas between Fort Lauderdale to Lake Champlain. Twenty-five nights split across two trips. Great Photos.
Scribe of the Day: Mara Williams
Scribe of the Day: Regina Stefanelli


Weekly changing scribes and questionable IT may have resulted in oversights and errors. We regret any mistakes.
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