Paul Harris Fellows & Sustaining Members

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Anyone who contributes $100 or more per year to the Rotary Foundation's "Annual Programs Fund" is automatically recognized as a Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member.

According to the Rotary Foundation, "Sustaining Members are critical to the Foundation. If every club member contributed $100 every year, Rotary could nearly double its efforts to help needy people worldwide and support the continued growth of its programs."

All gifts cumulatively count toward other Foundation recognition programs. Anyone who contributes $1,000 or more to the Annual Programs Fund or has that amount contributed in his or her name may become a Paul Harris Fellow. Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate, a pin, and a medallion.

To learn more about contributing to Rotary, visit the Rotary Foundation website.

Marion Abell
Peter Abell
Jenifer Ambler
Bill Bedard
Reggie Belville
Kirsten Beske
Jeff Boyd
Debbie Boyle
Hugh Bronson
Chris Brown
Gordon Brown
Tony Buraczynski
Jack Burgess
Bruce Campbell
Donna Campbell
Chris Chapman
Arletta Charbonneau
Norm Chase
Keith Clarke
Jeremy Coleman
Catherine Coonan
Robert Coonan
Jesse Corum IV
Lynn Corum
Valerie Dahl
Steve Dunblee
Phil Dunham
Zon Eastes
Milt Eaton
Norris Edmunds
Dart Everett
Joy Everett
Nels Fegley
Bob Gannett
Milt Gilmore
Gary Goodemote
Mary Goodemote
Art Greenbaum
Susan Greenbaum
Cory Greenspan
Jeff Hagstrom
Jim Haine
Helen Harris
June Howe
Phil Hueber
Ed Hurley
Clyde Johnson
Tom Johnson
Norb Johnston
Liz Jones
Marcy Jones
Norm Kuebler
Jack Laakso
Dick Lane
Annette Leigh
Frank Lesch
Joe Little
Henri Logcher
Mike Mandracchia
John Mann
Rick Manson
Donna McElligott
Bill McKim
Paul Mendelsohn
John Meyer
Charley Miller
Roger Miller
Scott Miller
Brian Mitteer
Maurice Mix
Malcom Moore
Fred Moriarty
Jeff Morse
Dick Nelson
Marjory Nelson
Dave Neumeister
Stan Nowakowski
Hank Olson
Rick Palmisano
David Parker
Gordon Parker
Burl Penton
Robert Randall
Mark Reinhardt
Dick Revilla
Mark Richards
Irma Robertson
Andy Rome
Frank Rucker
Lesley Safer
Gerry Sears
Dick Sherwin
Davis Spencer
Ron Stahley
Stephen Stearns
Marcia Steckler
Phil Steckler
Don Stockwell
Ozzie Stowell
Jerry Theberge
Phil Turner
Dave Twombly
Dave Underhill
Bill Vermouth
Gary Weigand
Gus Westerlund
Mara Williams
Greg Worden