On December 24, Santa delivered a small gift to every resident of the areas nursing homes and residential care homes. For years, the Brattleboro Rotary Club s Gifts for Seniors program has made sure that senior citizens living in Thompson House, Pine Heights at Brattleboro, Vernon Green, Hilltop House and Holton Home are not forgotten.
According to program organizer Cindy Jerome, Brattleboro Rotary Club members donated over close to $700 just by passing the hat at several meetings. "They love this tradition of giving to our elder friends and neighbors, "Jerome said.  Jerome called each care facility to ask for ideas of what their residents would like. Christmas jewelry, calendars, polar fleece lap robes, large print crossword puzzles and chocolate were all popular gift requests, she reported.  Jerome continued, "Over 300 gifts were purchased. Rotarians and other friends wrapped the gifts and delivered them in time for Christmas."
Also, Howard Printing designed, printed and donated attractive gift tags.

PHOTO Brattleboro Rotary Club President Cindy Jerome (center)  helped Santa (Richard Gavoni) deliver presents to Holton Home resident Desi Lane.